Picking up a girl from their point of view

With the advent of the Internet, it became much simpler to get acquainted with the girl and Instagram-accounts of local beauties already fall from infinite number of the admirers freaks who are posing as pretentious guys. Yes about what it I, you and itself are for certain already signed on a couple same where in the evenings you consider a photo of girls in bikini.

And in principle, girls not against such approach to acquaintance, the truth render your likes and boring comments effect no more, than pastils from a throat at a diarrhea. Well here it is always possible to leave in time, having settled enough napkins, and here appointments in real life already remind a minefield in full darkness.

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Social networks

Here you can do everything, as before, behind one small exception. You should not show off before the girl and to write the irrepressible fantasy concerning the income and own preferences. Girl not tax service. Yes, many peck on they are wide a pocket, whether but necessary to you? And what you will do when she learns, what from gold from you in the apartment only yellow bags of a fast sup?

Press, biceps too in a fire chamber. Of this nonsense and it is so full on your page where you as a peacock on half an hour spin in front of the mirror and she by all means there will glance. It is simply smart that you in a good form, but Casanova were not a muscleman, and since then essentially anything and did not change. You should not place emphasis on the pumped-over press or the same biceps — this addition to your charm, but not a basis.

It is not necessary to argue with the girl concerning her musical tastes and tastes in general. What the hell, man? You as were added as a friend five minutes and liked her profile photo, and now impose the preferences?

As option: isolate something such of its audio recordings and departed. The delight and small interest in your person is guaranteed. After all you are so similar.

Real life

Girls love when behind them it is banal beautifully look after. Here, perhaps, and everything that you in general need to know. At one word it is “beautiful”, eyes at the girl already pensively shine and if you are a romantic and is ready though a little to spend for object of the adoration — dare.

Be more courageous. Do not try to become for the girl the friend, and then to jump in the section “guys for the sexes/relations”. You voluntary brand yourself the press “the lovely fellow to whom I can be cried, but it is no more”. You want to give a ride to the girl by car — speak with it about cars. You want to have sex — speak about sex. Do not mix.

House parties

Such places are full of positive girls with sad eyes. Usually they are rather lonely to come to parties, but insufficiently courageous to be declared in club. It is your chance. You can pull out at once the lonely girl who hesitates to drink much more is silent, watching you. And you can be banal to wait for late night when the amount of alcohol in its blood is more, than in a bottle which she drags. Here already all depends only on you. You remember, what I spoke about talk in the previous point? If she wants you or she rather drunk to believe that else there were good parties at 4 o’clock in the morning, she will be moved on such nonsense.

Night Clubs

Clubs — a huge supermarket where hundreds of girls came to offer you themselves. Of course, it sounds roughly, but so. Any on a dance floor came here you paid to it attention.

You sometime got acquainted on a dance floor? I too am not present. After all for this purpose it is necessary to be able to dance well, and it is simple to sit at a bar counter all night long, unfastening unfamiliar ladies cocktails it is banal boringly and inefficiently. Therefore learn to own the body better, time got on this territory. The main thing be not frightened her stone look — they have it something like a call. “Decided to get acquainted with me? Oh, well give, go here, your mother”. Treat her with cocktail, learn her name. The feminism is capable to kill knights in a germ, but all girls love courage and freedom.

I will eat the school or a couple of words about offending compliments.

Sarcasm, jeers and subsplittings — with what you so shine in conversation with friends is inapplicable for conversation with the girl. How you deride them (do not even try to veil everything for fun — they will not understand it) cannot excite curiosity or intrigue. You want to pay a compliment — make it, it is not necessary rotten sarcasm about parent’s terrorists and other nonsense by which social nets are filled.

It seems, everything worked well, the girl already with you and is time to transfer long ago a situation to a horizontal, but… how it is better to make it? Not all of us are skilled pickuper and many redden and prefer to merge on this moment instead of finishing business. Read. After all it was written by girls.

Ask yourself questions: We already kissed it? Maybe she with me speaks because I stand on pass to a female toilet? And I can I sit on her coat? Remember — girls do not stick to you. If it remained — you were pleasant to it. Invite her to continue conversation in a secluded place.

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