Men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears

Everyone heard the expression “Men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears”.

As far as this statement is true? Whether really men love eyes? Ability of men to pay attention to juicy details of female appearance it is put by the nature. There will pass down the street a woman in a short skirt or in a jacket with a seductive decollete, so hardly quite healthy and normal man will not turn on this attention, and a half of them will show the increased interest and will wish to strike up acquaintance. Therefore, reaction of men to women really depends on visual impression. And here such traits of character of women as decency, intelligence, diligence and modesty cannot cause that impulse which is called as love in a strong half of mankind. The image of the woman at the man is associated with his mother who since the childhood for it was an example for respect. Its approval and a praise were for it always of great importance. For this reason, the man his whole life feels need for a female praise and approval of everything in what he could achieve success. At the same time the man is rather afraid of women, especially beautiful.

beautiful women

He is afraid that such bright and bright woman will not accept his courting’s and will simply laugh over him. Therefore, many men against her woman looked attractively and beautifully, wore too effective clothes and did a bright make-up. And during courting’s of the man also prefer to choose women “simpler” not to be rejected by the woman. Here in what the reason of that the beautiful and stylish modern woman is more often than others it is lonely. The woman should not be passive to win attention of the man. It is necessary to give any signs, nonverbal signals to the man saying to him that it has every chance to achieve its arrangement. In this case he will feel more surely and the first will take steps to rapprochement with it. At first be convinced that you really are pleasant to it. Imperceptibly watch it. If at a meeting with you it starts correcting a tie, to shift from one foot to the other or to smooth hair it means that you to it are not indifferent. And if the man has to you more deep feelings, he can be confused, redden and take at an eye meeting aside. A look at the man to the girl who was pleasant to it estimating, he looks at her so as if “undresses”. It is impossible will not notice such actions of the man which speak about his interest you as aspiration to contact, invite to dance, to sit down closer or to draw near.

whisperingWhat to do to those two girls who consider themselves not really beautiful or plump. If men love eyes, really they have no chances that they will be pleasant to them. Actually appeal of the woman only for 50% depends on with what features and a figure its nature presented. Other 50% completely merit of the woman. Everything depends on her desire to become beautiful, on its aspiration to become harmonious. Simply it is not necessary to sit for days on end at the TV, envying beauties from the screen. Start taking care seriously of the own life, visit sports halls, fitness clubs, pools that your figure differed in nothing from other girls. Do not feel sorry for time and means for carrying out procedures of a make-up, manicure, a pedicure and an epilation. Will admire that’s when your appearance of the man. Your charm in your hands, it is not necessary to sit with ice cream at the TV and to envy a figure of slender girls. Take care of the own life, then you too will have the same appearance. To please male eyes it is necessary to watch the appearance regularly. Some men can estimate women, as the favorite toys. They thus forget that women wish to love and be a darling. When man’s instincts overcome them, they from the woman wish nothing except sex. If all men were able to love heart, would not exist unfortunate and one-way love. But actually all differently and when the man disappears, after a stormy night, the woman asks a question: than he loved, heart or only eyes? Such men are not capable to love in general anybody, except themselves. Here neither eyes, nor other bodies do not matter. Each man loves eyes in own way. After all, if someone likes tiny forms of a figure, others prefer magnificent forms. One like young girls, and others are attracted by women aged. The black stockings fitting jeans delight one men, and others consider it not womanly. A variety of male tastes gives chance to each woman to draw attention of that only man who will become her partner in life.

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